Thursday, March 23, 2006

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I'm in the middle of three books, and have finished none. Why is that? The reasons are not so interesting: one of the books I'm saving for a trip this weekend (another airplane book that must meet specific criteria); another, I'm reading as a fill-in while I save the other one for my trip; and the third is an audiobook, which I listen to while walking and doing housework.

1. Stones from the River by Ursula Hegi. Still enjoying this, but since it's a paperback, it must be reserved for this trip, as it's portable.

2. Wolves Eat Dogs by Martin Cruz Smith. A heavy library hardback; not so portable. A good thriller. Arkady Renko is in usual form.

3. Assassination Vacation by Sarah Vowell. There's no way I could READ this (as opposed to listen to it) because the detail would overwhelm, but it's good to listen to. If I occasionally lose the thread, no matter. She's funny, and her lisp is kind of cute.


Anonymous said...

Beck, you're right about listening to Sarah Vowell. I eyeball read her previous book "The Partly Cloudy Patriot"(right title?). Anyway, I have to say it was a bit of a yawner.Three quarters of enjoying her writing is listening to her voice.Looking forward to your next posting.

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