Monday, March 05, 2007

More About Noel Streatfeild

Maxine and I were talking more about the Shoe Books titles in the comments. She mentions Tennis Shoes, and Circus Shoes which I don't remember. A quick Web search produces one called Travelling Shoes, which has an alternative (maybe original?) title of Apple Bough. shows Family Shoes, New Shoes, and Movie Shoes. These were originally titled The Bell Family, New Town, and The Painted Garden, respectively. My source for this information is the comprehensive Web site about Streatfeild created by Harriet Jordan.

Now that I think about these books, I realize that when I was reading them as a girl, I didn't know that Shoe Books title. The first time I ever heard that was in a scene from the movie You've Got Mail where Meg Ryan, playing a children's bookseller, refers to them that way. Of course I knew right away which books she meant.

My Amazon search yielded a confusing list of both in- and out-of-print titles, some of which are the same book under the old and the new title. I wonder when this "shoe branding" happened?


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