Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Blog Commercial

Every Tuesday evening I drive my son to one of his activities. Because it's too far from home to drop him off and then return to pick him up, I wait around with the other parents who are in the same boat. Some people chat as they wait, but I usually bring a book. One mother has taken to asking me what I am reading every week. I tell her, and we chat a bit, but usually she hasn't read it so there isn't much to say. The other night she asked me again what I was reading, and this time she said in a kind of querulous voice "Every week you have a different book! How much do you read?" It wasn't a question that needed an answer, so I just laughed. But what I wanted to say was: "A Book A Week – Read the Blog!" I've never before been afforded such a great opportunity for self promotion, but I didn't manage to think of my response until it was just a little too late.


Anonymous said...

Becky,I think you should tell her about your blog. I've enjoyed reading it and it seems like visiting with you.You have also opened the world of blogs to me and I've since travelled to England, Australia and Canada via my computer and yesterday I was somewhere in France. Can't beat it as a way to escape your own world.

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