Friday, May 04, 2007

More Book Cover Talk

I am attracted to books with good covers. Isn't everyone? I especially liked the cover of The Last of Her Kind, by Sigrid Nunez, a book I wrote about back in November. I didn't realize the photograph was famous. I remember wondering at the time I read the book whether it was a photo staged for the book cover, or if it was historical.

It turns out that it was taken by the well known photographer William Eggleston in 1973. Smithsonian Magazine has an article about Eggleston, and this photo in particular, in the May issue. Here's a link to the article.

I especially liked the sense of connection between the two girls in the picture. And it was easy to assign the dark haired girl the role of Georgette, and the blonde girl the role of Ann, the two protagonists in The Last of Her Kind. The print version of the Smithsonian article interviews the two women and provides a photo of them as they look today, though I don't believe that photo made it into the online version of the article.


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