Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Few Book-Related Facts Gleaned from a Week of Travelling

1. I discovered a high school in New York state called Ichabod Crane High School. I wonder how many other schools are named after fictional characters?

2. The Target in Elyria, Ohio sells only (a) books that I have already read (The Senator's Wife, City of Thieves, The Undomestic Goddess) and (b) books that I will never read (everything by Jodi Picault).

3. The rest stops on the Indiana Toll Road sell Amish romance novels. Who knew? I wonder if the rest stops in Utah sell Mormon romance novels.


Serena said...

wow, those are some interesting facts...thanks for sharing them.

Ms. Wis./Each Little World said...

It sounds kind of crazy but I sometimes forget that Sleepy Hollow is fictional. NY has so many Dutch names (the town of Spuyten Duyvil is my personal fave) that I think of Brom Bones and the Van Tassels as real.

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