Thursday, December 28, 2006

Rethinking My Links, and Other Year-End Business (Including Thank-Yous)

In this post I dropped a hint about how I wanted my very own Nancy Pearl librarian action figure. Someone finally took the hint, and I got the deluxe version, complete with the rolling book cart and stacks of books. As a bonus, I also got the Jane Austen action figure, which I didn’t even know existed, so how about that? Thanks Elaine!

But I’m not very happy with Nancy Pearl any more. She’s changed her web site into some sort of book community wiki thing that never seems to change, and she’s not doing Pearl’s Picks anymore, so I’m dropping her from my links. I’m adding a link to Bill Peschel’s site, which is extremely comprehensive. But I still like my action figure!

Adele, a sometime reader of this blog, asked for a comprehensive index of all the books reviewed, so I’m working on that. I did one earlier this year, but I should have a full-year list posted soon. Should I alphabetize it by title? I think I’m going to.

I’m nearly finished writing a review of Ursula, Under, by Ingrid Hill. I still have to write a review of Now You See It, by Bathsheba Monk, and finish listening to the Ken Follett audiobook, and review that as well. That should end my books for 2006 and put me at 54 books read for the year. I’m wondering how many books other people read this year. Zia, at Nom de Plume has read about 100, not including re-reads. That’s pretty impressive. How many have you read? Do you keep count?

I’m thinking of changing the look of my blog. The new version of Blogger provides some new options, so I might try them. I’m kind of sick of this design. I’m going to tinker with it over the next few days, so you might see some changes, then some more changes. Kind of like when you rearrange the furniture, then rearrange it again.

I’m also going to write a post about the five best books I read this year. I haven’t decided which books those are yet, but I’m closing in. One of them is Ursula, Under, so I want to post that review first.

Finally, I want to say thank you to everyone who has left a comment on this blog this year, with special thanks to my fellow book bloggers. What a lot of fun this has been! I'm looking forward to continuing our conversations in 2007! I know that lots of people read this blog and don't comment -- why not? I want to hear what you think!


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