Saturday, September 01, 2007

Back in Town

I'm back from Iceland. It was a wonderful trip. We can't stop talking about the amazing experiences we had, and the great people we met. I am working on a slide show of photos but haven't finished. When I do, I'll post a link.

Icelanders read a lot of books, both in English and in Icelandic. While in Reykjavik I went to a few bookstores and tried to get a sense of what people were reading. The books available in English seemed to be a lot of the same titles that are currently available here: Stephen King, James Patterson, Maeve Binchy. I also saw a lot of these same titles translated into Icelandic. One book that I saw a lot was The Zahir by Paulo Coelho; it was available in both Icelandic and in English. Our friend Audun had recently read it in English and gave me his copy, so I'll read that one soon.

On the airplane I read The Lions of Al-Rassan by Guy Gavriel Kay, but haven't finished it yet. Before I left for the trip I had gotten most of the way through Love, Work, Children, by Cheryl Mendelson. I'll write up posts about both of these books soon.

I'm sorry that I've been away so long. Please forgive me for not responding to comments or answering e-mail. I'll try to catch up this week.


Sam said...

What a great trip, Becky. I've always been fascinated by Iceland and life there but have never managed to make it up there. I'll look forward to seeing your pictures and hearing your comments about the trip.

Welcome home.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Becky. Sounds a great holiday. I have just finished The Draining Lake by Arnaldur Indridason -- the best yet of the series.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, and glad to hear your trip was lovely!

I look forward to hearing about the Guy Gavriel Kay book. I've only read one of his books, I think when I was a touch young to truly appreciate it, but I seem to remember it being quite unusual.

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