Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Voices by Arnaldur Indriðason

Another Icelandic mystery. I love these. This one is the best of the three I have read. My library has a fourth one that is on order, and I see from Maxine at Eurocrime that he's got a fifth that must only be available in the UK. Oh goodie, I can't wait.

I also see from Maxine in this post (on her blog Petrona) that Jar City, the first in his series, has been made into a movie in Iceland and that it was recently released in the UK. When I check Internet Movie Database I don't see any U.S. release plans, but I see that Netflix has it, so I'm going to request it.

Here is Maxine's review at Eurocrime. Read that if you want a plot summary. Erlendur, the detective, is feeling a bit better, it seems, and is getting along better with his daughter Eva Lind. This book is less depressing than the earlier two; Erlendur has even met a nice woman! He investigates the murder of a hotel Santa at Christmastime with his usual lack of energy, but his wit shines through nonetheless.

Added later: When I dig deeper into Netflix I see that Jar City hasn't actually been released on DVD. Darn it. I'm disappointed.

(Book 35, 2008)


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky, thanks for the lovely comments! I am glad you are enjoying these. The latest one just out over here is Arctic Chill, and I was lucky enough to be given a review copy by Karen of Euro Crime so I can report that these books just carry on getting better!
Jar City has been out in Iceland for a while (I read a review a while back on Another 52 books blog, which is by an Icelandic blogger though she writes in English!), but has only in the past couple of weeks been released at the cinemas here. It isn't available here on DVD yet. Possibly it will be soon in the USA - I was over in California this summer, and noticed that Tell No One (French version of the Harlan Coben novel) was only just out in the cinemas, whereas it was released here and out on DVD over a year before. It is jolly good, by the way, the French treatment really added something.

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