Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Few Book-Related Facts Gleaned from a Week of Travelling

1. I discovered a high school in New York state called Ichabod Crane High School. I wonder how many other schools are named after fictional characters?

2. The Target in Elyria, Ohio sells only (a) books that I have already read (The Senator's Wife, City of Thieves, The Undomestic Goddess) and (b) books that I will never read (everything by Jodi Picault).

3. The rest stops on the Indiana Toll Road sell Amish romance novels. Who knew? I wonder if the rest stops in Utah sell Mormon romance novels.


Serena said...

wow, those are some interesting facts...thanks for sharing them.

LINDA from Each Little World said...

It sounds kind of crazy but I sometimes forget that Sleepy Hollow is fictional. NY has so many Dutch names (the town of Spuyten Duyvil is my personal fave) that I think of Brom Bones and the Van Tassels as real.

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