Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Boring Blather

Where have I been? Packing up a kid for college. It's not as bad as it could be. I have friends whose entire minivans are stuffed with "necessities" like televisions and mini-fridges. Because my son is going abroad he's limited to two 50 lb. suitcases, so obviously he's not taking that kind of stuff. I am still hemorrhaging money though. Included in his list of "must-haves" were a 50mm prime lens and some kind of gazillion gigabyte external hard drive, neither of which (needless to say) I had when I left home for the first time. He's taking In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan to read on the plane, so that makes me happy. On his urging I am working my way slowly through The Omnivore's Dilemma, a book I swore I would not read, but which I find I am enjoying.

Even though I haven't been posting I've still been reading. You can always count on that. I've got two books to post about in the next little while: The Dressmaker by Elizabeth Birkelund Oberbeck, and Daniel Isn't Talking by Marti Leimbach. I've just started reading Beguilement by Lois McMaster Bujold, which is the first book in her new fantasy series known as The Sharing Knife. So far I'm really enjoying it.

He leaves Tuesday so I'll be back after that. Meanwhile, enjoy this picture of a cat.


Nora said...

Hang in there! So many of my friends are going through this... and here I am worried about the first day of high school!

We'll have to discuss the food books. I've read them all and now I get anxiety attacks every time I eat a banana...

Serena said...

Food books are always good to have on hand.

College abroad...he must be excited.

Becky Holmes said...

Serena, it's really a gap year program where he takes some classes at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, then works on a kibbutz, but I was too lazy to describe it as such on the blog. Next year he'll start actual college in the U.S. And yes, he's very excited.

Becky Holmes said...

Nora, the banana anxiety is why I resisted reading the Pollan book initially. I know there are problems with the food industry in the U.S. and I try really hard to cook and eat responsibly. I don't want to feel guilty when I have a banana!

Sarah Laurence said...

Omnivore's Dilemma was interesting. A relative gave it to me too.

I just finished reading the ARC of But Not For Long by Michelle Wildgen and thought of you. It takes place in Madison and is all about sustainable food. I'll be reviewing it with an author interview on Oct 7. The novel will be released on Oct 13. Her first novel, You're Not You, is also set in Madison.

I hope your son enjoys his gap year. My roommate did a year on kibbutz and loved it. I'd love to visit Israel some day.

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