Monday, November 09, 2009

Vacation (reading)

I'm having a little vacation at my father's house near the beach. It's nice to hang out with my dad and his dogs, and in a few minutes I'm going to take a walk on the sea wall. The weather is warm-ish and sunny and the tide is coming in. It's been a good short break from my job (not very stressful) and my teenagers (don't ask). I go home tomorrow.

I've read two books since I've been here and have started a third. I don't usually distinguish between vacation reading and regular reading but I seem to have done so for this trip. My airplane reading was A Long Finish by Michael Dibdin, an author I've always wanted to try but have never gotten around to. My laying-around-the-house reading has been Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner, a book I would normally NEVER read due to its embarrassing title and even more embarrassing cover art. But my father's wife liked it and promised I would too, and it turns out to be entertaining. For the trip home I've got Arctic Chill, another Icelandic mystery from Arnaldur Indridason.

Catch you on the flip side.


Amused said...

Hope you are enjoying a relaxing vacation! Can't wait for your reviews upon your return!

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