Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Book Every 7.6 Days

2009 was a good reading year, full of surprises. I did not plan to read 10 memoirs, though I did. And I also read a few other fiction titles that were fake memoirs. Those include Daphne, The 19th Wife, and American Wife.

I read hardly any books that I hated. That's mostly because if I hate a book, I don't stick with it. Though I do occasionally; see The First Person and Olive Kitteridge for two of this year's stinkers.

I did not read 52 books, but I came fairly close, at 48. That puts me at a book every 7.6 days. I'm okay with that number, though I'd like to get back up to 52.

My list of 2009 favorites is shorter than usual. I did grade lots of books with A's this year, but very few of them really struck me as so out of the ordinary.

Lots of other bloggers are busy writing out their goals for 2010 ("Read all the Booker prize winners" for example). I am not that well organized, or even very interested in new goals. So this year's goals are the same as last year's: read as many really good books as I can, and return them all to the library on time.

In the next few days I will post my annual index to all of this year's books.


Kathleen said...

I'm not interested in reading goals that are about specific genres or types of authors or anything either. I know I won't keep to them so what's the point? I'd rather just read what I want at the time.

test said...
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test said...

i bombed at my reading challenges ;P so i just stopped!


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