Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Why Procrastinate Now When You Can Just Do It Later?

In January 2008 we bought a new refrigerator. We replaced our 1992 white side-by-side fridge with an energy-efficient stainless steel freezer-on-the-bottom model. The old fridge (in addition to unpredictably leaking water onto the floor) functioned as a family bulletin board where we hung important papers, photos, relevant Zits cartoons, etc. from magnets. The morning that the new refrigerator was being delivered (and the old fridge taken away) I hastily removed all these things and shoved them, along with all the magnets, into a brown paper bag. I would hang them all back up once the new fridge was installed. But whoa, who knew? It turns out you can’t stick a magnet to stainless steel fridge doors. So I put the paper bag in a corner of my laundry room to “sort out later.” Guess what I did yesterday? Yes, after almost exactly two years, I finally got around to sorting the contents of that bag. Want some expired pizza coupons from the now-closed Gumby’s on University Avenue? How about the signed permission slip for the 8th grade field trip (I wonder what happened with THAT?)

I relay this embarrassing story only to illustrate my innate tendency to procrastinate. Hence you won’t be surprised to hear that I have four blog posts to write about the last four books of 2009 and another to write about the first book of 2010. Then I really ought to do some kind of end-of-year wrap-up post, but that idea too just makes me yawn.

If you’re lucky, none of this will take me two years.


Amused said...

Good luck! As my dad always says, why do today what you can do tomorrow? :)

LINDA from Each Little World said...

I definitely can't wait two years. Have been checking often to see what you closed out the year with and won't abandon you while you get it all read and written. I say this as someone who never wrote a review about my fave book of last year because I let too much time pass between reading and writing.

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