Friday, June 18, 2010

Just Shovel them Up

I’ve identified why I haven’t been blogging. See that list over on my sidebar labeled Currently Reading? A more accurate title would be “Currently Reading, OR, Have Finished Reading but Haven’t Yet Blogged About it.” That list (which, at this writing, contains seven books) is causing me stress, and the truth is, when something causes me stress, I avoid it, ostrich-like. Hence, no blogging.

I read Angelology back in April. It’s now the middle of June. While I still remember what the book was about (evil Angels live among us!), and whether or not I liked it (I did!), my impressions are no longer fresh, and I’m afraid that my post won’t be nearly as helpful as I would like it to be.

However, dodging the problem is not a solution (as I tell my children). I must meet it head on. Thus over the next few days I am going to write short posts about each of these books and just get that list cleared out. I apologize in advance if the posts aren’t up to their usual level of crispiness.



I am really glad to hear this! I made my husband go out in a storm to pick up Susan Hill's "Howard's End is on the Landing" and then it took me ages to read it and I still haven't blogged about it and feel like it's a huge weight over me. I rarely blog about things I don't like but wanted to talk about this book but can't seem to get started. And now have a couple of other titles piling up behind it, too. So it's nice to know that we all can get overwhelmed by the blogging end of things!

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