Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Bangkok 8 by John Burdett

A conversation among Me, Myself, and I.

Me: Ugh, I thought this book would never end.

Myself: You say that like it’s a bad thing.

Me: I mean it that way. It was just endless. I kept on reading and reading, but I never seemed to finish.

Myself: But it was really interesting! And it had so much cool information about Bangkok! And the detective, Sonchai, was so likable, wise, and funny. Didn’t you love him?

Me: Well yes, he was great, and so was Jones, the American FBI agent. She was smart and intrepid, yes. But what about the snakes? Yuck. And that sleazy guy Warren? Eeeeeeeeeewwwww. What he did was awful!

Myself, Yes but Sonchai and Jones were on him! They figured him out!

Me: I know, but still….and what about all the stuff about the sex trade? Wasn’t it a little bit Too Much Information?

Myself: Well maybe, but didn’t you love the ex-prostitute Nong, who was busy taking finance and management courses over the web in anticipation of opening her own sex club? And she was Sonchai’s mother! What a smart cookie!

Me: I guess. But it sure didn’t make me want to visit Bangkok. I’d be afraid I’d get caught in one of their traffic jams.

Myself: So what I hear you saying is that you loved this book’s characters, but maybe didn’t enjoy the action or the setting so much.

Me: That’s kind of an over-simplification. I liked a lot of that, especially the Bangkok setting. There was just a bit too much; Burdett could have left some of it out, saved it for his next book. Then he would have gotten to the finish more quickly and efficiently. And I could have started to read all these other books that are piling up next to my bed.

I: Shhhhhhh. Would you girls stop talking? I’m trying to read.

(Book 12, 2011)


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