Thursday, July 28, 2011

Big Heavy Books

I just about gave myself a nosebleed last night with A Dance with Dragons. At 1,040 pages in hardback, I can barely lift the book with one hand, let alone hold it up to read it in bed. What's a girl to do? Start another book for bedtime reading: Wolf Hall. Wait, that one is 560 pages. Ouch. I need to start working out with weights to keep up with my reading.

Since I am about to leave for a trip to Tucson to see my sister and her new baby, I ordered Wolf Hall on the Kindle. I've been using the Kindle a lot recently to read first chapters of books I'm considering. So far I've tried and rejected several, including the new Eric Larson book In the Garden of Beasts which I didn't like any better than I liked Devil in the White City (which is to say, not at all).

I like the feeling of security that I get from the Kindle. If I have that with me, I am never without a book because if I finish (or don't like) one I can always get another! (That's assuming I have wi-fi and a functioning credit card.) Now I no longer have to travel with books and backup books, though I still obsess about what to take on each trip.

Here is a gratuitous shot of my lovely sister and beautiful nephew, just to break up the boredom. It's my blog; I'm allowed to do this.

Emily and Seth, July, 2011


Sarah Laurence said...

Kindles are the best for big books and travel. I'm reading The Invisible Bridge on mine, having started it in Europe. My only complaint is that most titles from years past are unavailable. My son wanted to read A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth on my recommendation (one of my favorite books) but no go. Instead he bought and lugged that 1,400 page brick around Europe.

PS. Your nephew is adorable!

Ruthiella said...

Your sister is indeed lovely and your baby nephew adorable! I hope you have a great trip. I read Wolf Hall in paper back, so it wasn’t too heavy. I did read much of it in bed, in fact.

Unruly Reader said...

Wonderful photo! Thanks for sharing it.
My only eReader travel tip is: Make sure you bring the power charger! (I nearly had a bad episode with a delayed flight and my Nook Color losing power fast... nearly resulting in hives or a nervous twitch. Fortunately the flight went, so I was spared.)

Amused said...

Great pick!

Holy moley that Dragon book is huge! I read Wolf Hall in hardback and believe me it hurt my shoulder when I would throw it in my purse!

Debora said...

So the reading on a kindle is ok? I mean, reading from a screen? I'm considering buying one myself, especially after having read your airplane reading post: it's all so true!

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