Saturday, August 06, 2011

When Books Make You Hungry

Who knew George R. R. Martin was such a gourmand? I can't read Dance with Dragons without getting the urge to raid the refrigerator, except my refrigerator doesn't contain the bounty that his characters seem to enjoy, even the ones living on the edges of civilization.

In Pentos, Tyrion Lannister enjoys the hospitality of Magister Illyrio, where they dine on mushrooms sauted in garlic and butter, and "a heron stuffed with figs, veal cutlets blanched with almond milk, creamed herring, candied onions, foul-smelling cheeses, plates of snails and sweetbreads, and a black swan in her plumage" (which Tyrion refuses, claiming that it "reminded him of supper with his sister"). While all this sounds appealing, the dish that really pulled me in was one that Godric Borrell, Lord of Sweetsister, serves to Davos Seaworth when Davos arrives soaking wet and freezing cold at  Borrell's island castle. One of Borrell's daughters serves Davos a stew that is "thick with leeks, carrots, barley, and turnips white and yellow, along with clams and chunks of cod and crabmeat, swimming in a stock of heavy cream and butter." Oh my. It sounds like a supercharged version of clam chowder, and I want some right now. Should I keep reading, or get cooking?

ETA: An anonymous commenter just left me this link to a blog called Inn at the Crossroads. These bloggers are creating recipes based on the foods GRRM talks about throughout the series. I am so impressed and can't wait to start cooking everything. And they've beaten me to the Sister's Stew, the chowder I describe above. 


Anonymous said...

You should follow In at the Crossroads, a recipe blog inspired by the Song of Ice and Fire series:

Anonymous said...

When I read "The Help", I had an overwhelming desire for fried chicken!

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