Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Here are Some Bullets

  • I am finishing things! In the past week I have finished two books and should finish a third in the next few days. Mind you, these are not books that I STARTED this week; they are (in most cases) long languishing projects. But hey, they count. And I’ve got several more good ones all lined up waiting for me, including the second volume of the Hunger Games trilogy. 
  • I wrote a profile of Emma Straub, author of Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures (one of the above-mentioned books) for Isthmus, our local arts weekly. Here it is. In a few days I’ll write a blog post too. 
  • My library ebook provider Overdrive has significantly upgraded its collection of literary fiction for the Kindle. What used to be a vast wasteland of serial killer mysteries and fad diet books is now a useful source of good titles like The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht (blog post coming right up). Hooray! However, they are still a bit vague with their classifications: Anna Karenina is listed under Romance. Which I guess it is, kind of. Also, I may have found a way to subvert the due dates on Kindle books, something to do with when you sync your Kindle, but I’m not sure. Don’t tell anyone. 
  • Speaking of the Kindle, I really hate it. It’s only good for traveling and for reading really long books in bed (long books being sometimes too heavy to hold). And for reading without your glasses (adjustable type sizes available). And for when you really need a book right now but don’t want to leave your house. But otherwise I hate it.


Anonymous said...

Love your take on the Kindle, yeah, I hate it to for all those reasons. Sure comes in handy on a snowy eve when I finish the second book of a trilogy and need the third NOW!

Jeanne (posting as anonymous)

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