Saturday, February 02, 2013

Alternate Forms of Fiction Delivery

I stopped watching television in the early 1990’s, along about the time I started having babies and got sorta busy. As I recall, there wasn’t much good on then anyway. And what with having to watch shows at the time they were broadcast (or remember to set up the VCR), TV didn’t get much attention from me for years. Occasionally a family member would cajole me into trying something on DVD and I’d get hooked (Alias, Lost, Arrested Development) or I would watch a few things (Game of Thrones) as they were broadcast, but mostly I was TV-indifferent, if not TV-hostile.

I’ve been aware for several years now, however, that I’ve been missing out on something. Everyone I know (indeed, people whose opinions I respect!) has something they are addicted to on Netflix, and I keep hearing about the “quality of the writing,” a phrase which causes me to lift my nose up out of my book and look around a little. Therefore in recent months I’ve been dipping my toe into the Netflix waters slowly. I’ve started with season 1 of Madmen and the first season of the Dr. Who revival (the ninth doctor, Christopher Eccleston) and am very happy. It finally occurred to me that I can just think of TV shows as good fiction, in another format. That idea was all I needed to forge ahead.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn into a TV blog. There are tons of those out there and I am so embarrassingly far behind the curve I couldn’t possibly offer anything useful. I might mention things occasionally, as they relate to books I’m reading, but that’s it. I just wanted to share my excitement at discovering something new, even if I am ten years late to the party.


Shelley said...

How about "drama" instead of "fiction"? I still think written fiction is much more patient with the interior lives of characters than video.

That said, if writing is what you love, you might try the British (not the American) police procedural of Life On Mars. I considered that a find.

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