Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I know a lot of people listen to these in their cars. But I commute to work on the bus, and when I am in my car, I almost always have kids with me, so the car isn't the place for me to listen. Instead, I listen while doing housework, especially laundry and kitchen cleaning. I also listen while walking for exercise. For years I had a Sony Walkman cassette player, and would check out books on cassette from the library. I recently started to notice that everyone else had these little MP3 players, and there I was hiking along with this big clunky Walkman. I wanted one of those cute little things too, but I wasn't sure how it would work with audiobooks.

But then I figured out that you can rip an audiobook CD the same way you can rip a music CD (well, duh). From there I reasoned that I could use an MP3 player to play those files. So I bought a Creative Zen Nano (it's pink!) and tried it. It works really well. Once you've ripped the CD, you just drag the folder onto the Nano, which works just like a little flash drive. You don't even need to install the software that comes with the Nano. Another good thing is that it holds a lot, so I can load it up with all the files for the whole book. I don't have to carry cassettes around with me, so it's really compact.

This leads me to a consideration of the ethics of ripping library CDs. I reason that I'm just converting them for my own use, and not keeping the files, or giving them to anyone else. As soon as I finish a book, I delete it from my Nano and from my computer hard drive. It's like returning it to the library.


Lee said...

You can also listen to or download podcasts like the audio version of my YA novel Mortal Ghost. No ripping necessary!

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