Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The First Eagle by Tony Hillerman

I realized recently that I had gotten behind in Hillerman's books; I was shocked to discover that he had written four books since the last one I read. This was an audiobook. It fits my criteria for audiobooks, of which there are many: a good reader, a predictable plot, a guarantee of no violence, or only violence of the mildest sort. I don't mind reading violence, but I don't like to listen to it read aloud. When I encounter it in a book I am reading (as opposed to listening to) I sort of skim over it with my eyes a bit blurred. Or, I look at the end of the section first to see how it comes out. None of this is possible in an audiobook, so I must be certain, in advance, that this won't be necessary.

I love both Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee. The reader of this book, George Guidall, sounds just as I imagine Leaphorn to sound. It's very satisfying. This book was really pleasant, though things are not going so well for Chee.

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